At the end of August SCK hit Weymouth with an armful of keen students for a weekend kungfu camp in the sun. Over the course of the weekend students learnt a rare Yong Tai Tiger Boxing pattern named Baby Tiger Stretching its Back, or Hu Zi Shen Yao, which is the fifth pattern in our Tiger system.

Each morning students woke up bright and early and went for a run along Chesil Beach where we were camped, returning to a full breakfast. After everyone was finished, training began in a nearby field, punctuated at midday by as many sandwiches as could be eaten, and followed by more training.

As most of the students had not tried Tiger Boxing before, they were taught everything they needed to know, from the claws to the need for a supple body and focused eyes. Each student progressed well and at the end of the camp had successfully completed the pattern, as well as made a solid start on their Tiger training.

On Saturday afternoon the team were taken for a surprise treat – Aqua Zorbing! We were rolled down a hill in a giant plastic ball full of water, to much amusement. Some of us laughed so hard we needed a nap afterwards!

Each evening an excellent barbeque was had at the camp, where everyone pitched in to cook and a lot of chatting and admiring of the stunning views over the countryside and sea was done.

It was sad to pack up on Sunday, but everyone left happy, tired and slightly sunburnt, including the team mascot, Elvis the Bull Terrier. All in all, an excellent weekend!


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