What is our body fat percentage?

Nobody likes to be called ‘fat’, but sometimes it is necessary to check out our body fat percentages so we can get a better view of our physical health. A body fat test can be carried out by a GP or fitness professional at the gym to work out how much of your body is made up of fat versus the rest, which consists of muscle, bone and everything else.

‘The rest’ is termed ‘lean body mass’, although that does include essential fats which are small amounts of fat stored in organs that are vital for the healthy running of  a body. The percentage of essential fat needed is 3% to 5% in men, and 8% to 12% in women.

A healthy amount of body fat will depend on your gender and goals; women tend to hold more fat than men due to the biological function of reproduction, while a weight lifter preparing for a competition will be aiming for significantly less body fat than a swimmer.

Healthy body fat levels are around 15% for men and 22% for women, but this will vary depending on your age. Body fat percentage is a good measure of health instead of using BMI, as it calculates a person’s body composition without using weight and height.

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