Southern Crane Kungfu recently held a training camp in Weymouth on the south coast of England, where a group of hard working students studied the finer points of their martial art under a burning but very welcome sun, overlooking the most stunning views of the sea and countryside.

Intensive training away from home is always a satisfying experience; from enjoying a change of scenery to being able to work outside where you are able to relax your mind while connecting your art form with the natural energy around you, you are also able to learn a massive amount and refine your knowledge.

Although many that have not tried this kind of training before may feel daunted and maybe not up to the rigours of hours of training, day upon day, the actual way a training camp works feels very different from a two hour class one or two evenings each week.

The pace at a training camp is laid back yet disciplined. It is a great opportunity to get to know your instructors and fellow classmates at a deeper level, to have a lot of fun, and is the only way to really get to grips with your chosen martial art.

Full immersion training on a camp gives you so many more hours of experience of your kungfu, which would take months to add up through evening training alone. With the kind of back to back repetition and knowledge sharing that all are able to participate in on a long weekend a few hours drive from home, or a month away training in China, even the most stubborn of brains and bodies cannot fail but to improve.

On a smaller scale, locally-held one day Masterclasses give you a few hours of intense tuition in which to pick up details that are simply not possible to glean in a crowded regular class, so use these as monthly stop-gaps until you can make it to a long weekend, or even China!

All come away from one of Southern Crane Kungfu’s training camps feeling enlightened, stronger, perhaps a little sore, yet having gained a valuable insight into the intricacies of our style of kungfu. Come along to the next Masterclass and gain some real experience!


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