We’re back! We have just returned from a fantastic training trip to Fujian Province in southern China, where we spent 10 days under the expert guidance of our Tiger Boxing Master, Master Ying Zhang Lin.

As well as learning further patterns from the Yong Tai Tiger Boxing syllabus, we were also given the official manual for this style, which has been handed down from the first generation Master of Tiger Boxing, to our seventh generation Master today. This is a huge honour for us, and is a sign of the strength of our valued friendship with Master Lin.

Additionally, Master Lin has asked us to begin teaching Yong Tai Tiger Boxing alongside the Tiger Crane Combination syllabus, here in the UK. We currently teach the style in class, but have not up until now taught the patterns to our students.

As a result of our discussions with Master Lin, all students reaching a certain level of attainment in Tiger Crane Combination will also begin grading in Yong Tai Tiger Boxing, making us the exclusive holders of this style in the UK. Exceptional students will be invited to attend special Tiger Boxing gradings in China, under Master Lin and myself.

We will continue to teach Master Fengwu’s Fujian Shaolin Calling Crane to students that have achieved a high level of accomplishment in their training.

Tiger Boxing is a complete system, including open hand forms, two-person open hand forms, weapons, two-person weapon forms, and soft qi gong. Boxers will receive a detailed insight into the history and origins of this dynamic, powerful style of kungfu, which will add a further exciting dimension to their training.

We are indebted to Master Lin and his family for this great privilege.

Darren Trottman

Chief Instructor

Southern Crane Kungfu


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