Southern Crane Kungfu recently attended the National World Tai Chi Day event in Nonsuch Park, Cheam, Surrey. We had a brilliant time, with great weather and a lot to watch and experience.

As well as joining in with the tai chi, we were able to give large groups of visitors an insight into Shuang Yang, with two taster sessions.

Later on, Darren Trottman and myself took part in a martial arts demonstration for onlookers, showing a mesmerised crowd the Eight Section Brocade, Fujian White Calling Crane’s Er Shi Ba Bu (28 Steps), Shaolin Dan Dao (broadsword), and Shaolin Tong Zi Gun (staff).

Once again, demonstrating both Shuang Yang and our kungfu illustrated how you need both of these arts in order to get the best out of each of them. Shuang Yang gives you softness, and kungfu gives fire and energy, but each carries many elements of the other.

As an example of this in action, it is always the case that our best students in both kungfu and Shuang Yang practice both arts. Ying and yang!


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