By Heather McLean, Instructor, Southern Crane Kungfu

After the two most amazing weeks, the London 2012 Olympics is finally over. What an inspiration to all of us Team GB, and every other team in the event, has been. A Games of firsts, from the first female boxers making the Olympics truly gender equal, and well done Nicola Adams on your sensational Gold, to the first time that male and female competitors from all participating nations have been able to take part, including heroic women from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Brunei.

As the London 2012 Olympics has shown, it is neither easy to become an elite athlete, nor is it easy to get to the top of the equally formidable competition and take home a medal.

The training and preparation that goes into creating an Olympic athlete is astounding. From the natural talent required, to the work ethic of training unbelievably hard, and focusing on being the best you can be; we can all learn from the achievements of the British and international competitors that are currently gracing our shores.

Use this Olympics to fire your own enthusiasm for your kungfu, and exercise in general. Follow the example of champions to become one yourself!

Make the most of the legacy this exciting event has left us with. And roll on the Paralympic Games!


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