By Heather McLean, Instructor, Southern Crane Kungfu

What time do you get up on Sunday mornings? 6am with the baby? 8am as your brain is conditioned to getting up for work during the week? 9am for a bit of a lie-in? 10am for a proper recovery? Or not till the afternoon?

Sunday mornings for me are about getting up and going training. The two hour session for our members starts at 10am, which isn’t exactly early, and we have now moved to a new venue that is closer for the majority of our students to get to.

Yet for some reason, only the hard core of the club make it. And they remain elite compared to other students, as this advanced, very relaxed, small class gives instructors a lot of one on one time in which to perfect the details of students’ movements, and provides students with an extra two hours training per week in which to be taught new things.

As of February, the last Sunday of every month now includes one hour of chin na (kungfu sparring), which is a great opportunity for students to really get to grips with the intricacies of what they are learning, on top of regular sparring class on Thursday evening. Make the most of your life; get out of bed on Sunday and come and join us!


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