It was our first weapons workshop of 2011 last weekend. I decided to try a new approach for teaching weapons in Tiger Crane combination and Fujian Yong Tai tiger boxing styles.

I gave students at the workshop the opportunity to try three weapons of interest. Ironically the staff was favoured by most, followed by the Dan Dao (broadsword), then a mixture of the Pudao (horse cutter ) and Water Carrier.

All in all it was very successful. My students not only realised how important it was to have a sound knowledge in their open hand forms and basics, but they also how important it is to have strong tendons and bones to be able to manipulate the weapons they were trying out.

The session lasted for three hours, and in this short time, the feedback was very positive.

As always though students of traditional Kungfu realised they had to learn how walk before they can even contemplate on running.

I hope they look forward to the next session.


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