Get your protein!

Protein is important for all martial artists and sports enthusiasts. Protein is present in all our cells and is vital in the building and repair of muscle, plus in the creation of bone, cartilage, blood and skin. Protein also has an important role to play in making enzymes, hormones and other chemicals.

We need to eat a lot of protein every day, just as we do fat and carbohydrates, however, our bodies do not store protein so we need constant fresh supplies. There are many different types of protein, enabling all tastes to get their fill. The obvious one is red meat, but while some of us might love a steak, it may not suit all of us, and it is high in saturated fat! So try leaner sources of protein like chicken, turkey and fish, game meats, shellfish, and whey protein shakes. And don’t forget cheese and eggs, pulses, nuts, seeds and soya products.

Eating for training, especially if you are exercising each day, means you need to make sure you repair and replenish your body. To build and repair muscle, make sure you eat plenty of protein. This is also a top tip for those looking to lose weight, as protein can keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Before training eat carbohydrates, concentrating on complex carbs for the best source of healthy energy, and after training stick to protein to repair your body.

And make sure you are still eating a balanced healthy diet, with lots of fruit and vegetables so you get your five a day or more!


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