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Learn real martial arts at Southern Crane Kungfu, brought straight from the city of Fuzhou in the province of Fujian in Southern China, to you here in the UK. Our Instructors train in Fujian Calling Crane Kungfu with our Master in China, so they can help you in your journey towards becoming a genuine Crane Boxer. From improving your fighting skills, to better health, strength, confidence and self defence ability, we can make it happen for you.

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With Fujian Calling Crane Kungfu, we have all the martial arts you need to be fitter, stronger, and more in tune with yourself. Take the first step on your journey today. Find out more.

Children and Crane Boxing

We teach kids genuine Fujian Calling Crane Kungfu, which we study with our Master in China. Kids have fun, learn self discipline, and how to look after themselves. Try our kungfu for kids!

Welcome to the Crane Blog

There is so much more to kungfu than turning up and breaking a sweat. Read the Crane Blog for more on health, fitness, training techniques, diaries from our trips to China, and more.

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