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Be Fitter, Be Stronger, Be Safer…


Southern Crane Kungfu is a martial arts club based in Surrey that teaches the traditional Southern Chinese kungfu styles of Yong Tai Tiger Respect Boxing, Fujian Calling Crane, and Tiger and Crane combination.

At Southern Crane Kungfu we enable anyone of any fitness level, age and ability to be fitter, be stronger, and be safer. We take you on a journey that turns you into a confident and competent martial artist. No matter what you are looking for, whether it be health, strength, confidence, self defence or to be able to move like your heroes in the movies, Southern Crane Kungfu can make it happen for you.

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While the new website is under construction, if you need further information please email

Or call Heather on 07986 473520 or Darren on 07958 382 389