Narrated by Master ZaiPei Lin, Written By PengCheng Chen, Edited by Heather McLean

“The Ancient Stones and Green Pines Reveal the Truth of Universe, The Floating Clouds and Flowing Water Shows the Secret of Nature”

In the summer of 1985, Dog Boxer Master ZaiPei Lin trained the visiting Japanese martial artist, Master Nakamoto Masahiro of Okinawa Traditional Kobudo Preservation Society. The training took place in the only gym in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, Southern China.

As well as his physical training, Master Nakomoto Masahiro asked if he could see a practitioner of the art of Chinese calligraphy. Master ZaiPei Lin introduced a celebrated Chinese painter and Calligraphist, Mr. YongZhao Wang, to Master Nakomoto Nasahiro. They talked pleasantly and the encounter was amiable.

Also present was the vice mayor of Fuzhou City, Mrs MingMin, who officiated over Master Nakamoto Masahiro’s visit to China. Vice mayor MingMin inquired about the progress of Master Nakamoto Masahiro’s training and asked if she could watch a performance of something he had learnt.

As requested, Master ZaiPei Lin performed a pattern known as Seven Stars. When Master ZaiPei Lin finished his performance, the calligraphy artist, Mr. YongZhao Wang, asked Master ZaiPei Lin about the applications of the movements he had just seen demonstrated.

Master ZaiPei Lin gave a short answer: “Every Single movement is designed for fighting, and is very effective.” To give Mr. YongZhao Wang a clearer picture, the vice Mayor MingMin asked Master ZaiPei Lin and Master Nakamoto Masahiro to show the application of some of the movements.

Master ZaiPei Lin first executed the technique called Black Dragon Coiling the Post, which is a lower section hooking movement, on Master Nakamoto Masahiro. The Japanese man was successfully bound up by Master ZaiPei Lin on the ground. The initial sparring was followed by more Dog Boxing techniques, including those called Falling Down to the Ground, Golden Hook Scissoring and Heart-Penetrating Leg.

After seeing the performances, vice mayor MingMin remarked the performances were skilled and proficient. As for Mr. YongZhan Wang, he said excitedly to Master ZaiPei Lin: “Your movements are so smooth and flowing that I recalled the floating clouds and flowing water just now. Your art is effective and true, like the ancient stones and green pines which always tell the truth of the nature.”

This painter and calligraphist promised to inscribe a stone stamp to mark this occasion and Master ZaiPei Lin’s art. Several days later, Mr. YongZhan Wang called on Master ZaiPei Lin and presented gifts of a stone carving that had the words ‘The Ancient Stones and Green Pines Reveal the Truth of Universe; The Floating Clouds and Flowing Water Shows the Secret of Nature’ engraved upon it, and a calligraphy work showing three Chinese characters which literally mean ‘The Soul of Dog Boxing’.

“I heard of Dog Boxing from time to time,” Mr. YongZhao Wang sincerely told Master ZaiPei Lin, “But I did not realize that it is such a clever martial art system. These two gifts in remembrance of your wonderful performance of Dog Boxing with with Master Nakamoto Masahiro, and a tribute to your art.”

Since then, the friendship between Mr. YongZhao Wang and Master ZaiPei Lin has grown, and they are life-long friends.


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