The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) is holding the Traditional Forms Championships on 29 April, for adults and juniors.

Possible competitions for you to enter are: Southern Hand Routine; Internal Hand Routine; Southern Short Weapon; Southern Long Weapon. Beginners are students that have trained under two years; everyone else is to enter as Advanced.

The event will be held at Luton Regional Sports Centre, LU2 7XP. If you are interested in attending, speak to Darren Trottman and put your name down for the competition itself, or just come along for the day to watch; it’s a brilliant day out and you will learn a lot, as well as seeing many other kungfu styles performing at their best. Once we have a list of everyone that wants to go, we will look for volunteers to drive in a car pool, with passengers donating towards fuel.

The deadline for entries if 15 April, so make a decision quickly!


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