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British Council for Chinese Martial Arts

The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) promotes the study and safe practice of Chinese Martial Arts and regulates, as far as possible, the ever growing numbers of clubs and organisations claiming to teach Chinese Martial Arts.


Nam Yang Pugilistic Association

The Nam Yang Pugilistic Association is one of the world’s oldest Traditional Chinese Shaolin Temple Martial Arts schools. It teaches Southern Shaolin Martial Arts styles, including Tiger-Crane Kungfu and Shaolin weapons systems, Hard and Soft Chi Kung, Lion and Dragon Dancing and Shuang Yang Pei Ho, or the Sun and Frost White Crane Soft Internal Art. The club also has a training school in Thailand, the Nam Yang Tat Moh Mountain Training Camp International Kung Fu School.

kungfu-mag-150x150Kungfu Tai Chi Magazine

Kungfu Tai Chi Magazine brings its readers the full spectrum of Chinese culture, including healing, philosophy, meditation, feng shui, Buddhism, Taoism, history and the latest events in art and cinema, plus insightful features on the martial arts.


whitecranefightingartsWhite Crane Fighting Arts

White Crane Fighting Arts is a Club based on the South Coast of England. It teaches both the hard and soft style of kungfu as well as the soft and hard style of tai chi.

Yong Chun Kungfu Mallorca

Martin Watts teaches Yong Chun White Crane in Mallorca. There are four style of Yong Chun white crane currently trained in the town of Yong Chun. All go under the name “yong chun bai he chuen”. However, Martin’s is identified by the Wu Shu Guan which is the Wen (Ong) Gong Shr Whu Shu Guan.

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