About Southern Crane Kungfu

Southern Crane Kungfu is the entrance to an ancient warrior world

At Southern Crane Kungfu we teach the traditional Southern Chinese kungfu styles of Yong Tai Tiger Respect Boxing, Fujian Calling Crane, and Tiger and Crane combination. We enable anyone of any fitness level, age and ability to be fitter, be stronger, and be safer.

We take you on a journey that turns you into a confident and competent martial artist

With the help of our first class instructors that train regularly in China to learn our styles of kungfu, you will be able to look after yourself in any situation, to take part in martial art competitions, to practice and master the many forms of our styles, and to be able to fight with your kungfu and Chinese kickboxing. You will also take part in iron shirt training, learn weapons including the staff, broadsword, horse cutter, sai and water carrier, as well as learning more of the soft side of our arts.

We offer dedicated, appropriate classes for children

For children, Southern Crane kungfu runs specialised classes that allow kids from the age of four to learn kungfu in a fun, safe environment. Kungfu makes children more confident, while also teaching them to be humble enough to know their limits, and disciplined enough to control themselves.

Learn from the best, be the best

In the UK you will be able to learn under our Chief Instructor, who has been graded by the Fujian Chinese Wushu Association and is a full British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) Traditional Forms and Sanshou Judge, as well as our Head Instructor, a full BCCMA Traditional Forms Judge who is constantly monitored by the British Council of Martial Arts (BCCMA) and our Chief Instructor. You also have the opportunity to meet and train with our Master’s in China.

No matter what you are looking for, whether it be fitness, strength, confidence, self defence or to be able to move like your heroes in the movies, Southern Crane Kungfu can make it happen for you.